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Does Tesla Have Heated Seats? (YES BUT Differ with Model!)

Are you considering purchasing a Tesla and wondering if it comes with heated seats? Or perhaps you’re a current Tesla owner who’s curious about the features of your vehicle.

Whatever the case may be, you’re in the right place.

In this blog post, we’ll explore whether Teslas have heated seats depending on the model you have. So, let’s get started!

Do Teslas Have Heated Seats?

Rest assured, heated seats are indeed a feature in all Tesla models, including the Model 3, Model Y, Model S, and Model X. This addition ensures a cozy and comfortable driving experience, especially useful during colder months.

In most Tesla models, power-adjustable heated front seats come as a standard package. In the case of the Model 3, owners can even enable rear heated seats through an in-app purchase for an additional cost.

Similarly, both the Model Y and the Model S offer heated rear seats as a standard feature, making your passenger’s experience just as pleasant.

In addition to the standard heated seats, Tesla also provides you with the convenience of seat heater settings. Thanks to recent software updates, you can now use the Tesla app to set seat heaters to auto.

This means that your Tesla will automatically adjust the temperature of the seats based on cabin temperature, keeping you cozy on the coldest of days.

How to Use Heated Seats in Tesla

First, make sure your Tesla is up-to-date by checking for any available software updates. This ensures that you have the latest features, including heated seat controls.

You can update your vehicle through the mobile app or the car’s central touchscreen. It usually takes a few minutes to complete the update, so be patient.

1. Using the Touchscreen

  • Once the update is installed, start by tapping on the Climate control icon on the car’s touchscreen.
  • You’ll see a “Seat” option appear on the screen. Simply tap on it to access the heated seat controls. Here, you can choose among various heat levels for the front and rear seats, depending on your comfort preferences. In some Tesla models, you can also use the mobile app to control the heated seats remotely.
  • Click the seat and it will signify a red light with three stripe icons to either increase or decrease the heat according to your satisfaction.

turn on heated seat on Tesla

2. Using Voice Command

This method is so easy and very funny, and many people have no idea how it works in their Tesla.

  • Check your steering wheel close to where your right hand is used for holding the steering and you will see a button for voice commands.
  • Click the button, it will allow you to talk directly with the Tesla and give it instructions and commands.
  • Call it “Elon” and say for example, “My seat is cold” or “Elon my butt is cold and it will automatically switch on the heated seat for you without you going through your dashboard at all.

It’s a funny one, but give it a try!

Comparing Heated Seats in Tesla Models

When you’re exploring Tesla vehicles, it’s essential to understand the differences in their heated seat features.

In both the Tesla Model S and Tesla Model Y, heated rear seats come standard. For those chilly mornings or winter road trips, you and your passengers will undoubtedly appreciate this feature.

All Tesla vehicles are also equipped with heated front seat, ensuring that you’re always cozy during your drive.

For the Tesla Model 3, heated seats are included in various configurations. The Standard Range and Standard Range Plus models initially came with partial premium interior, meaning that rear heated seats were not standard.

However, as of November 2021, the Model 3 now offers both a heated steering wheel and rear heated seats as standard features, enhancing the overall comfort for you and your passengers.