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Does Tesla Have Apple CarPlay? (SHOCKING Discovery!)

Apple car play is one of the most popular applications to millions of people around the world which the majority of vehicle manufacturers have fully integrated into their systems. However, Tesla motors and other manufacturers have had issues with the app in the past.

In this article, I am going to unravel the mystery of whether Tesla has apple CarPlay support or not available in all Tesla and what are the alternatives in case we find the opposite.

Does Tesla have Apple CarPlay?

Tesla doesn’t come automatically come with Apple CarPlay however, there are several ways of installing fully functional apple CarPlay in your Tesla.

However, the Tesla apple CarPlay is not directly inbuilt but through a connected browser attach to wifi.

Moreover, you can conveniently use apple CarPlay in your Tesla using three different easy methods that I am going to explain in this article.

Tesla uses apple CarPlay through the following methods:

  • Through the Tesla mirror app
  • Carlin kit plug-and-play method
  • Modular method

1. Tesla mirror app

Tesla mirror app is available on both google for both Android and IOS devices.

It wirelessly mirrors whatever is on your phone screen to the Tesla dashboard screen through a browser.

After connecting the Tesla mirror to your Tesla screen, you can use any app on your phone to the Tesla screen without any problems. It doesn’t matter what the app is, be it sports, podcast waze or any other application that is not available in your Tesla.

The Tesla mirror takes full advantage of Tesla’s full-featured web browser that is built into it to display a custom page.

How to make the Apple mirror app work on a Tesla screen?

  • Open your Tesla screen.
  • Then open your Tesla mirror app. It will show you a one-switch button.
  • Below the one switch button is the address of what you will input into Tesla’s web browser.

Instructions are contained on the screen of the Tesla mirror.

If you want to use it wirelessly on the go, make sure your hotspot is turned on and connected to the Tesla on the same network.

Go to the Tesla web browser on the dashboard, click the special IP address and input it from your Tesla mirror app.

It will connect your phone screen right to your Tesla dashboard.

When it is connected, whatever you do on your phone whether video, game, music, any application you open or any settings you tap will be showing on the Tesla dashboard.

Anything you do from that moment with your phone will automatically be on the Tesla dashboard.

However, the touchscreen support of the Tesla dashboard doesn’t work with that feature.

You are also going to be limited to the smaller window.

But it is very easy to activate and enjoy the Apple car play feature within 1 minute.

It is also good to know that downloading the Tesla mirror app is free on the play store for convenience.

2. Carlin Kit plug-and-play method

Carlin kit plug and play is a portable device that you can buy and connect to the Tesla that gives you access to Apple CarPlay and other features very simple.

  • The first step is to buy the car in a kit plug either online or in a store.
  • Plug it out of the box.
  • Put a sim card into it at the bottom side.
  • Connect your phone with the Carlin kit plug via Bluetooth
  • The next step is to go to the auto kit device kit and get the name.
  • Next step: go to your Tesla dashboard browser.
  • Next step: Go to a website called Testpush.com and it will connect your Tesla with the device running on the window.

You will have all the apple play experience with the touchscreen features in your Tesla.

You can still get the full power of Tesla software experience at the same time.

Moreover, You can use overcast, Waze and all the apps you need fully.

You can think about it and change things the way you want.

The audio is fully functional on the Tesla using this method. It is integrated with the media button and can be controlled without reaching out to your phone.

3. The Modular method

This method entails getting a cheap tablet and setting it in your Tesla. You can easily connect it to your Tesla screen and use it as an alternative.

The beauty of this method is that you get a big screen, with touch functions at the same time you can easily remove it whenever you want without incurring any cost.