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How to Avoid Getting Pulled Over Because of Tint? (REVEALED!)

Window tinting is a popular way to improve the look and feel of your car while also providing some added privacy and protection from the sun’s harmful rays. However, if you’re not careful, tinting your car windows can also lead to getting pulled over by the police.

In this post, we’ll provide you with some tips and tricks to help you avoid getting pulled over because of your tint.

So, let’s get started!

How to Avoid Getting Pulled Over Because of Window Tint

Window tints that are within reasonable limits have important functions such as heat, sun and reflection prevention, protection to people with sensitive eyes as well as giving enough privacy to people in need of it. 

1. Don’t draw attention to yourself

The easiest way towards getting pulled over by the police is when you draw attention to yourself.

When you use a car with a tint installed on it, avoid anything that will make people and the police notice you out of many cars around.

Using graffiti painting, loud music, driving in and out of your lane, excessive speeding, as well as tinted tail lights, will immediately grab the attention of the police and other road users which will lead to you getting pulled over. 

And getting pulled over for other reasons may lead the police to start throwing questions about your window tint in order to know whether you have the necessary permit.

To avoid the possibility of getting that attention, drive safely, avoid over-speeding, drive within your lane, and don’t use loud music that will drastically affect other road users.

2. Time of driving matters

Driving a car with tint during odd hours will make you suspicious to the police which will get you to be pulled over for inspection.

If it is not an emergency or important, don’t drive your car with tints during odd hours, especially at night when there is less traffic to deal with and too much attention to movement.

Police are always extra vigilant late in the night. 

3. Avoid traffic infractions

To avoid getting pulled over because of tint, be extra careful about traffic regulations at all times.

A single traffic violation will make your car stand out among other cars even if other drivers have done the same thing.

What other drivers will do and get away with, if you do it you will probably be pulled over because you will be more prominent.

Obey all traffic lights, stay within your lane, and adopt best safety practices while at the wheel and you will not have any problems.

4. Don’t use a dirty car

Always ensure that your car is clean when driving.

This is because of the assumption as well as a study that revealed the importance of keeping your car clean and its association with a good driver.

A dirty car sends lots of negative messages to the minds of the police in particular as well as people in general.

The negative messages attached to a dirty car include bad habits, crime, and poor organisation among others which will lead to getting pulled over for inspection by the police.

5. Don’t drive recklessly

The biggest issue that will get your car noticed is reckless and dangerous driving.

This is because reckless driving is a danger to other road users, yourself and pedestrians.

The police will pull you over and cite your tint as the reason for the pullover when they find they have nothing on you.

To avoid getting pulled over by the police over tint, don’t drive recklessly that will attract the police to your car.

6. No excessive music

Avoid excessive music while driving a car with a tint.

Keep your music stereo at a low volume that will be sufficient for you alone and not blast it disturbing the peaceful atmosphere around the environment.

If you use an excessive volume, you draw attention and you get noticed by them which will get you in trouble.